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Security, (burgular) alarms can be installed in a home, place of business or outdoor enviroment. They consist of many different types and styles of detectors. An alarm will only detect an intruder then notify your responding party via local sirens only or through our monitoring service. We provide a superior monitoring service through 5 simultaneous central stations. All starting at $21 per month.
Whole building smoke and/or heat detection systems, activated automatically and/or by manual means. Systems can be monitored for Local Fire Department notification. All systems follow local and national code requirements.
CCTV, your ‘’eye in the sky’’ system. Cameras are small or large, hidden from view or out in the open, work in complete darkness or in full sunlight. Options are here for you to choose. Record activity in the job place for security, loss or liability. Record at home for intrusion, watching the kids come home or keeping track of an elderly person. 
Wilson Electronics’ cellular signal boosters overcome these problems by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell phone signal boosters are able to pick up weak signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower.
Safeguard Security Inc,.
Phone: (863) 773-3043
528 West Main Street, Wauchula, FL 33873
Safeguard Security, Inc. is a Florida Corporation. This corporation was founded by Kenneth Hunt  in Wauchula, Florida to meet the needs of Hardee and Desoto counties in April 1987 as Safeguard Security Systems. Later that year, he incorporated the business with the State of Florida. Kenneth's father was a respected business owner of City Electric Company, an electrical contracting company.  Kenneth helped his father and watched and learned from him as a youngster. After high school, Kenneth went to Miami and entered the electrical apprenticeship program of IBEW. After moving back to Wauchula, he married his high school sweetheart and worked for his father. He acquired his master electrical license and then found the need for a local company to render services for fire and burglar alarms.  We now service all of Hardee, Desoto, Highlands, lower Polk and Eastern Manatee counties. The State of Florida designated that low voltage alarm companies need to be regulated in 1988. That is when Kenneth took the state exam and received his unlimited state master low voltage electrical license. With the on-set of state and national regulations to have uniformity in the design and installation of security systems and fire alarm systems, Kenneth has no limitations to size or monetary value in regard to his license qualifications. However, due to the demographic location of his company, and his business strategy, he chooses not to seek work all across the state and to leave existing customers waiting for service. In the year of 1995, Kenneth was invited to participate with a company contracted by the Department of Professional Regulation, to help in the writing, compiling information and proofing a new state exam for low voltage contractors. He accomplished this with great success. Because of this,  he was offered a full time position with the company for future endeavors and exams. He turned the offer down, in respect to his community and the customers who had already entrusted him with their alarm needs. Again, in 1997, he was approached by one of his supplying manufacturers, due to his knowledge of their products and technical skills, and offered a full time position as a manufacturers representative. He also declined this position because of the concern for his local customers. Safeguard Security Inc, which encompasses all the employees affiliated with the company, works hard  to satisfy every aspect of a customers needs. Again, the footprint of the company is kept small to efficiently accommodate service and keep a family feel between the customers and Safeguard Security staff. Safeguard Security, Inc. offers a full line of electronic security for your home or business. This includes inside detection along with outside detection of the property. We also design, install, service and inspect residential and commercial fire alarm systems. Other services offered include CCTV systems, access control, infrastructure wiring and cellular phone signal boosters for auto, home, business and portable uses, whether installed inside or outside.
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