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 Hello and Welcome,           Thank you for finding us on the web and opening our site to find out more about Safeguard Security Inc. My name is Kenneth Hunt and I, along with my wife Sherry, are the officers of Safeguard Security Inc., which was incorporated as a Florida corporation in 1987.  Sherry and I were married in 1985, and had a son in 1991. We are all native born Floridians, and graduates of Hardee Senior High School.      We like to think that every customer of Safeguard Security is a family member. If it were not for our loyal customers, we would not still be in business. As every business, you have to make a profit to keep the doors open to service your customers. I've been to 'sales' classes, yet still refrain from being a salesman. I like to custom design an electronic solution to the problem a prospective customer has. I want to be a problem solver, not a part of the problem by hard selling to a person. I will not sell based on fear to a prospective customer, nor will I 'talk them into buying' just for a sale or profit builder. We will not ''cold call'' or solicit a sale as most companies do. I will give you options for your home or place of business as if I were selling to myself or a close family member. When you contact me, it's because you need my services. You need to know all available and appropriate equipment and designs to meet your particular needs. Not a ''cookie cutter'' design that other companies think will fit every situation that they sell to. I feel that my customers are intelligent enough to decipher differences and make up their own mind as to what they can afford and what equipment better serves their needs.      When it's a fire alarm that a customer needs, I will confer with their local fire inspector and the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association), which is the primary ''code'' book we use for the application and design of a fire alarm system to meet local, State and Federal requirements. After this research is done, I will convey the findings and a design to the customer.      No matter how we accomplish the sale of a system, the customer is involved in the process all the way. This is to make sure the desires and understanding of the customer are met all the way to the completion of the installation. I hope you find our website informative and easy to navigate through to find your answers, or to open more questions to bring us in person for your satisfaction.
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Security, (burgular) alarms can be installed in a home, place of business or outdoor enviroment. They consist of many different types and styles of detectors. An alarm will only detect an intruder then notify your responding party via local sirens only or through our monitoring service. We provide a superior monitoring service through 5 simultaneous central stations. All starting at $21 per month.
Whole building smoke and/or heat detection systems, activated automatically and/or by manual means. Systems can be monitored for Local Fire Department notification. All systems follow local and national code requirements.
CCTV, your ‘’eye in the sky’’ system. Cameras are small or large, hidden from view or out in the open, work in complete darkness or in full sunlight. Options are here for you to choose. Record activity in the job place for security, loss or liability. Record at home for intrusion, watching the kids come home or keeping track of an elderly person.