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FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) - Commercial Firewolf Series

The main control of a system that accepts detection device signals and sends them to the notification devices, (noise makers). This can be part of a residential house or a commercial building. For any locations that have a fire system, the system and all its components have to be used and installed per building codes.

Smoke Detector

There are two types of smoke detectors; Photoelectric, which is best described as detecting white smoke. Ionization, which is best described as detecting black smoke. Each has its own use in an environment. More often a photoelectric smoke detector will be used with a FACP. Smoke detectors can be a 'spot' type or 'beam' type. There are also smoke detectors that are made to go into the duct work of an air conditioner system.

Heat Detector

A detector whose sole purpose is to detect heat, not smoke. There are two types of detectors; fixed temperature detectors which trips and sends a signal when the temperature at the devise reaches a predetermined temperature set by the manufacturer. The rate-of-rise temperature detectors trip at a predetermined temperature or an increase of 15 degrees within one minute, whichever occurs first.
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Pull Station

This is a manually activated device, mounted on the wall, usually by exit doors. They are red in color and will trip the FACP to sound the notification devices. In commercial buildings only.

Horn/Strobe Combo

This is one of the notification devises. It makes the loud noise to signal evacuation of a premise or it might be a speaker that verbally gives instruction to evacuate. The strobe is attached to it for a visual indication for the hearing impaired. These can be wall or ceiling mounted.


This is one of the notification devises. It gives a visual indication to evacuate a premise without a horn or speaker attached. This is for the hearing impaired, yet where an audible is not necessary. These can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

There are a lot of different criteria that might be required within different occupancies that your local Fire Inspector will inform you of. All you have to do is have an open conversation with them as to your fire concerns at your location, and he or she will help you more than you would realize.

Remote Annunciator

Remote annunciators can be located at a convenient location for the building management and fire department, that is readily available. The control panel at this time can be located in a separate location away from the general public or in secured areas.