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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

A system that has a number of cameras that feed information (video) back to a recording device for storage over a period of time. This stored video can be retrieved at a later date to view. After viewing, if a particular video segment needs to be saved, you can do so for others to see your concerns that were recorded.

Dome Cameras

The single largest misconception a customer has about CCTV; "I want to see the image on the monitor like I see it in real life."  Well, you have to understand, you get what you pay for and the cameras view in 2-dimensional imagery and you see in 3-Dimensional view.  The cameras used today are much more superior than they were 5-10 years ago and they are constantly improving.


There are two main differences of cameras and recorders now. Digital (NVR) and Analog (DVR). Digital is at a higher cost and higher quality of picture, and you can also do more with the recorder in regards to zooming into a prerecorded image. Spend more and you will get more benefit from your equipment. Analog is still digital equipment, yet you have more variances and choices of equipment to be used. Analog tends to be  less expensive  and able to work within many budgets. You do have limitations of viewing the recorded image.
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